Request Live Images!

Original photos or videos of any product may be provided upon request by the Buyer to maintain a relationship of trust.
Requests for original photos or videos will be entertained subject to the following terms and conditions.
1-Customer's order must be booked on the website.
2-Images and videos will only be provided for products that have been ordered.
3-Under no circumstances shall the customer be provided with any images or videos of any product whose order has not been confirmed.
4-Photos or videos will be provided to the customer six hours before the parcel is dispatched.
5-The customer must confirm the order within six hours.
6-If the customer does not send the order acknowledgement within six hours, the order will be considered canceled.
7-After viewing all the mobile images or videos, the customer will be bound to respond in favour of acknowledgement or cancellation of order, if there is no response from the customer, the data provided by the user will be considered as fraud.
8-The Company shall have the right to independently check the data provided by the customer before sending the images or videos. The Company may cancel the order request if the Customer's address is incomplete. Based on the customer's data, the customer's order request will be canceled if the customer has been involved in any scam with any website.
9-The customer must agree to sales agreement before placing an order on the website.